I​t’s expensive, it’s mired in controversy and illegal allegations, and every few years it gives you a hit that you can’t resist!

Grant Dalton is our perennial drug dealer. He makes money with a smile, gives us a brief high and when the high wears off we are left wanting, but with nothing there.
Who wasn’t getting up at 8 o’clock most mornings a couple of years ago to snort another line, sometimes to be left with a buzz,  other mornings the low hit way too soon, yet we kept coming back for more. And in the end we were left weeping in the gutter.
We know the the pushers and suppliers are making ridiculous sums of money and boy do we hate them for it. But when they serve up the goodies, we can’t resist. We gotta give it another go.
And who get’s to make the rules, well the mega-rich of course! 
As the Bermuda regatta approaches in 2017 are you thinking – just a rich boys sport, not interested, spoilt billionaires showing who has the biggest… bank balance? You betcha! And when the final comes around, and Team NZ are lined up like a white line in the corner of a dark nightclub, who will be the first to roll up a hundie and suck it in!


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